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 All activities on this site for this week have been dedicated for the refuah shelemah of Ruchanah Sarah Miriam bath Tamar , Ruth Bat Ahuva and Harav Yigal ben Yael. May Hashem give them a refuah shelemah.

On behalf of the community, we would like to publically acknowledge the people that are donating their time, money, talents and other resources to make this community project work. Please pray for the success of Dalia Rivka, Ghoncheh Lalehlazari , Pedram Mashieh , Steven Matityahu Goltche  , Ronen Agadi and..

The following community Rabbis support the concept of the site: Rabbi Alon, R. Y. Aryeh, Rabbi Y. Baalhaness, Rabbi D. Baalhaness, Rabbi Bakchshi, Rabbi A. Kohan, Rabbi Lavian, Rabbi Levichaim, Rabbi Shaliachsiboo, Rabbi  Shoub, Rabbi Soleimani. May we be matsliach!!